To export to Russia. A successful guaranty for its big economical and demographic potential

In LESCO GROUP we are engaged in international consulting and we take charge of the Companies that want to export to Russia to increase their markets.

The exports to Russia are an opportunity to be considered in the commercial and productive enlargement of the Companies , because Russia in an improved market that guaranties the success of any commercial transaction, due to its important demographic and economical potential.

Russia is the biggest country in the world, and one of the most important world-wide economies, along with China and the States. This places the Russian market in a very important place at the moment to export and to enlarge the international markets of Companies.

In 2012 Russia started the Common Economical Space (EEC) , that incorporates the agreements about free circulation of goods , capital and work force along with Russia, Bielorussia and Kazakhstan. From now on it is very important the increase of the people who profits from exports.

The purchasing power and economical level of consumer is changing all the time due also to the dynamism of the Russian economy.

From LESCO GROUP we help our clients with the export process to Russia to make sure that this process receives a successful reception. Our objective is to help the client to activate all the bureaucratic are usually associated with exporting, the customs proceeding, transport localization and goods storage. Our knowledge of Russia guaranties the success in all the sales in that country.