Knowledge and experience in the commerce and export to Russia

In Lesco Group we are experts in international commerce. Our professional course started 20 years ago. This, of course means improvement and security.

The experience and the knowledge that our Company can offer about the Russian market is the basis of our success.

The Russian exportations are done with a success of guaranty because our experience is the basis to commercialize Spanish products, without the requirement that our clients could face in that country.

The entire advising service in foreign commerce and international consulting that we can offer to our clients saves money and time to the Companies, in a process that goes from conceiving a new Company up to contracting workers.

In Lesco Group we look for import partners, distributors, sale agents and even the last client to make the direct contact with a large list of professional easier.

The help we give to our clients in exporting to Russia is so great that it is not necessary to set up a Company in that country, if not required.

It is very easy for the Spanish Companies to get in touch with Lesco Group thanks to their offices in Spain and also in Russia.